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Don’t settle for a “one size fits all” solution.

e-Medsys®: One solution, many applications

“At the end of the day, TriMed Technologies sets out to solve the business problems of time, money or risk.”
Bill Pupkis, Healthcare Consultant
“TriMed has made my life very easy… it has been so much better than I ever dreamed.”
Rocky Slonaker, MD, Pediatric Associates
“TriMed has an extremely talented staff and truly is a leader in the field. Thanks to their support, our Orthopedists have achieved MU compliance.”
Leanne Mason, COO, Northwest Orthopedic Specialists

Ready to simplify your practice?

When you are an independent practice there are a ton of things to worry over. Your Practice Management and EHR shouldn’t be among them.   Our clients have discovered that since using our fully integrated e-Medsys® PM, EHR, Patient Portal and Mobile application that they are better off than ever before…. Why?

  • Practices make more money with our easy to use, precise tools
  • Physicians are happier with our EHR – it takes less work to complete a chart and they go home earlier
  • Practice workflows are built into the software – so things run more efficiently from the front to back office
  • Patients are more engaged with our e-Medsys® Patient Portal – this aligns them more closely to your practice

So if you are looking for a complete solution that won’t worry you to death — TriMed may be for you.

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