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The e-Medsys®

Electronic Health Records solution works hand-in-hand with the rest of our software.

e-Medsys® Electronic Health Records

The e-Medsys® Electronic Health Record system is a clinical information system that has been ONC certified for Meaningful Use. The e-Medsys® EHR systems work in tandem with the entire e-Medsys® Suite of products to provide a complete solution for medical practices.

The e-Medsys® EHR helps manage the clinical side of the practice, which includes lab order and result transmission directly from and to the patient’s record, electronic prescribing and comprehensive prescription management, the Health Watcher for health maintenance follow-up, and all of the full feature set one expects from a relevant EHR.

The e-Medsys® Suite shares a single database, yet the e-Medsys® EHR and PM can be made available separately per the needs of the practice.  Additionally, TriMed has written multiple interfaces and data conversions and is able to offer a variety of solutions to transfer existing data from your current system into the e-Medsys® Suite of products.

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e-Medsys® EHR Features

Meaningful Use

Position your practice for Meaningful Use certification by using our ONC certified EHR.

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Electronic Orders

Quickly send lab and procedure orders in real-time. Receive lab results in real time.

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e-Medsys® Amplify Mobile

Go mobile with e-Medsys® Amplify, a full-featured mobile version of the EHR for Apple’s iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch – as well as Android devices.

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Clinical Workflow

Enjoy the benefits of aa implementation and setup that includes and mirrors the workflow of your practice.

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Medication Management and e-prescribe

Take full advantage of interactions and rapid refills while easily managing historical and current medications.

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Interactive Notation

Maintain quick but complete point-of-care notation by focusing on your patient note without extraneous ‘clicks’ to manage the chart.

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Patient History Snapshot

Easily reference and manage a patient’s history, medication, and problem list from anywhere in the chart.

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Custom Clinical Reporting

Run a variety of customized reports to ensure the highest clinical care and maximum physician efficiency.

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Clinical Reference

Distribute and reference maintenance plans, patient education resources, and custom clinical alerts.

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Electronic Billing

Use passive charge capture and CPT warnings directly from the patient note and send the superbill to the PM without additional physician work.

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Interact with real-time drug and pharmacy databases while utilizing custom templates to quickly e-Send and renew patient prescriptions.

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