For over 25 years, TriMed has been providing cutting-edge healthcare technology and software solutions to medical practices and facilities through a customized software suite and managed billing platform.

While healthcare has evolved and changed over the years, TriMed’s mission has remained simple and steadfast: to serve those who serve the sick and suffering by providing excellent tools and services.

TriMed seeks to solve problems of time, money and risk in order to improve patient care and your practice’s profitability. No medical practice, facility or office is like another therefore customized solutions are necessary for each application, use and implementation. TriMed’s customized software suite includes:

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Patient Portal
  • Telemedicine
  • Digital Check-In Module
  • E-prescribing
  • Mobile applications
  • Practice Management & Medical Billing
  • Analytic Reporting

In an industry where uptime is critical, TriMed offers a cloud-based software suite, with an industry-leading 99.9% uptime availability.
Support in the healthcare industry is notorious for poor response rates and outsourced communication. TriMed’s U.S. based support team is ready to address your questions and concerns 24/7 with expert support, feedback and assistance.


TriMed understands the number one stressor and hesitation with adopting a new healthcare technology solution is the transition from the old methodology to the new system. With over 25 years in the healthcare technology space, TriMed has hands-on experience converting and implementing medical practices and their data from almost all EHR platforms on the market.

To ensure proper implementation and use of TriMed’s software suite, all practices receive an on-site workflow analysis to property determine the best setup and processes for highly effective use of all the software suite provides. In preparation for setting up your suite for success, TriMed provides on-site training and support as you go live on the system. Following launch, TriMed continues to provide additional training and support to ensure all users understand and comprehend the suite as it applies to your unique workflows.