We offer our services every step of the way. From installing, to managing project goals, we are there for you.

TriMed offers full installation and implementation for our entire product suite. Since we work with both small and large practices this varies in scope in terms of what is needed for each practice. For clients who only need our help installing and configuring our products we are ready to help. For clients who also need our help ordering and installing hardware and software supporting our products we are ready and willing to help.

Whether selecting a new Practice Management, an Electronic Health Record or Document Management application decision makers spend a great deal of time comparing product features while they, more often than not, spend little time comparing the various options of product delivery. It only takes one experience with implementing enterprise level software to discover the great importance of product delivery – as one person put it, “A limousine does few people much good if delivered in small parts with no instructions.” TriMed offers market unique product delivery. The unique part is you. TriMed realizes that every client will need us to implement and configure the software differently – we don’t ignore this fact, we embrace it. Please contact us for more information about our unique approach to software delivery and installation.

It’s been said that people don’t care how much you know – until they know how much you care.
Sixty percent of current EHR physicians seek to replace their current EHR. Doctors are not merely unhappy  with their choice, they are floundering financially  because patient productivity has taken such a hit. Clearly there are winners and losers in this great game of business.
TriMed believes that not only does EHR work, but properly implemented an EHR should increase, not decrease the productivity of physicians.
That’s why we provide a white glove, forward thinking project management process that encompasses an entire practice ecosystem. We carefully curate the EHR to match physician-patient-nurse-admin workflow and train each user to achieve maximum performance.TriMed cares  about physician throughput, quality outcomes, patient satisfaction and best practice use of flexible technology. We show that we care  by building a bridge between today’s disaffected marketplace and tomorrow’s happier, healthier physician practice.


Have you ever stopped to consider what your practice’s data is worth to you? In any medical practice, whether large or small, its data is priceless. And while most practices have some sort of backup system in place, they are often rudimentary, inconsistent, and highly susceptible to human or mechanical error.

Since new data is being added to your records on a daily basis, protecting the most current versions of your data is a slippery and ongoing challenge. Physical threats such as fire and flood compound this challenge and require that copies of your data reside in multiple physical locations.

TriMed is pleased to announce the release of a variety of new data protection services that solve these challenges. TriMed’s all-new DATA SHIELD application provides a flexible shield to assist you in defending your precious data. The Data Shield runs daily local backups and provides a wide variety of backup monitoring services. Additional features include automated offsite data backups, disaster recovery, as well as server and application monitoring. These features allow for practices to turn over the safekeeping of their data and focus their efforts on practicing superior, profitable healthcare.